“Candyland” Collection

Tori Nichel felt like a kid in a candy store when designing her capsule dress collection for Summer 2013. The Candyland Collection is inspired by all women who had to overcome an obstacle in life or step out on a leap of faith to stay true to themselves. This collection stands for strength, resilience, perseverance and the love of life & laughter throughout all challenges one must face.

Tori Nichel comes back this summer with poppy, sugary sweet colors in upbeat shades of pink, lemon, aqua mint, kelly green with sprinkles black & white. Celebrating her long anticipated exclusive dress collection, Tori Nichel infuses her signature asymmetrical necklines, bold colors, and sexy sophistication for effortlessly chic statement dresses.

The Summer 2013 Candyland Collection was dedicated to Rachel Hut Bremen, rest in peace.

Photography by Timothy Hill Studio